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Unable to use device

I recently went though the activation process and everything shows up as it should on the activation page but I still cannot watch any programs and I get the same message saying that I do not have a cloudantenna.  Anyone else experience this problem or find a solution to it?

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Make sure you have latest firmware.  If you are connected to the network, you should be notified.

Then just scan for Channels from Settings menu.

You can follow this instructions go get updates here.

Although my CloudAntenna is activated and shows up in my freeairtv account, I am unable to watch or set recordings on freeairtv because it keeps coming up with the message "You do not have a cloudantenna on this account"!

I have reactivated my antenna several times and it still doesn't solve the issue!

And yes, it says it has the most recent firmware installed

When you configure CloudAntenna Live TV channels you need to make sure it is connected to the Internet to setup TV Guide service.

If it is not connected, there is no way for service to know what is on your CloudAntenna.

In you case, CloudAntenna is not synchronize with your service and you need to do so from your CloudAntenna.

Follow this link to learn how to do so:

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