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Japanese content?

Would it be possible to add Japanese TV shows, movies and live content?  I bought the cloudantenna hoping for more Japanese content.  Thank you!

Thank you for your interest in Japanese TV. Do you live in Japan? You can connect CloudAntenna DVB-T/T2-S/S2 version to HD Antenna or Satellite Antenna and watch a lof of Japanese TV. If you like to stream Japanese TV, please let us know which stations, with site links and we will follow up with those stations to ask them to join a growing number of TV channels on service.

TV Rebel team.

Hello.  Yes, I live in Japan (Tokyo).  I've tried to connect my CloudAntenna (DVB-T/DVB-S version) to my apartment's antenna and a separate tuner, but the CloudAntenna isn't seeing any channels (nor is there an auto-search Japan option).  Do you have any ideas how to fix this?

As for which stations, I would welcome any and all of them.  Particularly NHK and Fujitv.  However, I dont think they have dedicated streams yet...

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