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i need both and cloudantenna?

I bought the antennae to hook up to my digital TV.  I didn't want to be able to record etc. I have to have cloudantennae for this to work? If not, I cant figure out how to get any channels.

Hello Mary, thank you for your interest. 

Please visit this topic: How works?


1. HDTV Antenna lets you catch over-the-air broadcast signal.

2. To turn signal into something you can view or record, you need TV tuner and OTA DVR like CloudAntenna.

You can lease CloudAntenna from us under $5 or purchase it, visit activation wizard.

TV Rebel team at

I just want to watch my local OTA channels in other locations. I do not want to record and anything else.....just watch local TV. Can I do this??

To watch OTA channels that are captured with CloudAntenna on any other device you need Cloud TV service which would help to make it happen. 

Check this post to learn how to watch anywhere:

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