You can use Local Update to update your CloudAntenna firmware.

  1. Find out what model of CloudAtennna you have.

    CloudAntenna-ATSC model: If you live in USA, Canada, Mexico, South Korea or Dominican Republic you have CloudAntenna-ATSC model.

    CloudAntenna-DVB-T-T2-S-S2 model: If you live anyplace else you have CloudAntenna-DVB-T-T2-S-S2 model.

    You can always find the model in About screen for your CloudAntenna. You can also find the model of your device form CloudAntenna Configuraiton Wizard. 
  2. Follow the link below to download your firmware: 

    You can download  CloudAntenna-ATSC firmware 

    You can download CloudAntenna-DVB-T-T2-S-S2 firmware
  3. Once the file download, copy it to USB drive, Micro SD card or External Drive root directory.
  4. Connect your storage device to USB or Micro SD card reader on CloudAntenna.
  5. Open CloudAntenna Update & Backup app from My App and find the following icon:
  6. Under Local Update section, click 'Select' and browse and select your media to find firmware file you downloaded.

  7. Optionally you can wipe out your data or media folders by selecting 'Wipe Data' or 'Wipe Media' check boxes. 
  8. Click 'Update' to start update. Once update is complete, your CloudAntenna will reboot.

Note: if your CloudAntenna fails to reboot, please unplug the power source to CloudAntenna for 60 seconds. Plug the power source back in. You should be all set.