CloudAntenna lets your record and play live TV anytime. 

To record locally with CloudAntenna you need to attached local storage. You have a number of options:

  1. Micro SD card. CloudAntenna equipped with one micro sd card slot. If you not have a card, we have a number of options for you at very good price. Visit and choose Accesories. Please make sure your SD card class 10 or above to ensure the recording speed. Learn more about card rating.
  2. USB stick. CloudAntenna comes with 4 usb ports. You can insert USB stick into any of them.
  3. External hard drive. You can attached an external hard drive to CloudAntenna.
  4. Network drive. Network drive support is coming soon. Write to support to learn more or get on a beta list.

Consider Cloud TV service, it gives you unlimited storage in the cloud and you can watch your recordings anywhere, anytime!