You can schedule any TV program to record using TV Guide available on CloudAntenna, apps or online at

Once time comes, CloudAntenna will tune into that program and will start recording. If you have a local storage, it will also record there, if not, it will only record to the cloud.

Your cloud recordings are in the cloud! It means that once the recording is complete it will be stored in the cloud and you can access it from any device, anytime. 

You can access Cloud TV and DVR in a number of ways:

1. From your CloudAntenna just open My TV app and go to My Read more about My TV.

2. Anytime you online, go to application at

3. Find Viaway application, and go to Cloud TV. Viaway available on ALL INTERNET CONNECTED DEVICES. 

Visit to see a list of devices.

You can Play, Delete or Lock your recordings. Use Lock feature to prevent automatic deletion of older recordings if you need space for new recordings.