If you would like to watch live TV on your CloudAntenna, you need to enable Watch Anywhere feature on your network.

FreeAir.tv service lets you find your CloudAntenna anywhere in the world. You can use FreeAir.tv app on any device to select and watch live TV channels on your CloudAntenna. WOW.

In order to watch live TV outside of your home, your network needs to be configured. It is a simple 2 step process:

  1. Find CloudAntenna Network IP address. You can do so by opening CloudAntenna Settings application and go to Network section. For example, your CloudAntenna IP address is
  2. Open your router administration application and setup port forwarding for the port 8001 to your CloudAntenna Network IP address. In our example, we are using Netgear router which is located at Our CloudAntenna is configured at See a picture below.

Now you are ready to Watch Anywhere. Just open FreeAir.tv app and select a channel to watch.

Once configured, you can check by using this address in your browser: http://<your external ip address goes here>:8001/crossdomain.xml with CloudAntenna running. The text file should be displayed in your browser.