CloudAntenna by FREEAIR.TV is an Android TV device that combines the power of Android, FREE over-the-air TV channels and Google Play Store with millions of applications.


  1. Make sure you have a clear line of sight between your CloudAntenna and remote control in your hand. Otherwise your CloudAntenna might not respond if it’s hidden behind TV.
  2. When you setup your CloudAntenna, you can also setup your personal TV guide. You can access it anytime at
  3. You need to activate CloudAntenna when you setup your channels right from your device or online at if you did not purchase it from
  4. To learn how to identify the best location for your antenna and how to setup, visit our online guide at

Note: CloudAntenna is a separate device that has a built-in tuner to receive FREE over-the-air TV channels. A Digital Antenna (e.g. HDTV Antenna) or Satellite Antenna is required to receive over the air HDTV programs. If you do not have such an antenna, can ship you one. Visit to order one. MAKE SURE YOU ARE USING A POWERED DIGITAL ANTENNA WITH AMPLIFIER FOR BEST RECEPTION.

You can use the CloudAntenna USB port to power your Digital Antenna or use the power adapter, as shown in the diagrams below.

Note: To record to the cloud, you need the Cloud TV service from You can add the Cloud TV service right from your CloudAntenna anytime.


CloudAntenna comes with local and Cloud DVR. To record and watch anywhere, please select one of the Cloud TV services provided by You can always record it locally to your hard drive, usb stick or micro sd card. If you want a micro sd card at a great price, visit and select accessories.


Good to know:

1) Please make sure you run the Over-The-Air update once you complete the Startup Wizard or download the latest firmware from and update it manually.

2) CloudAntenna is intended for indoor use only, do not put it outside on the rain or snow:)

3) Please always use the AC/DC power adaptor provided.

4) The location of the Digital or Satellite Antenna it is important to maximize signal strength. Generally, the antenna should be kept far from large electrical devices such as electrical appliances, A/C, washing machine, dryer or microwave oven, etc.

5) For maintenance of the CloudAntenna, please use a soft cloth without any detergent to clean the exterior. 

6) You can also attach a mouse and keyboard to the CloudAntenna.

7) For help and how to guides visit