You can manage subscriptions and services on your device right from CloudAntenna. No need to go website. You can do so in About screen.

You need device code if you would like to activate your CloudAntenna on website and its not already associated with your account.

Do obtain your CloudAntenna device code, you have two options.

Option 1: Using Live TV application.

  1. Open Live TV application.
  2. Click Menu button on the remote control. It opens Shortcut Navigation bar. 
  3. Scroll down Shortcut Navigation bar to Settings icon. Select Settings icon.
  4. CloudAntenna Settings open. Under the first tab, you will see About menu. 
  5. Select About menu, you will find your CloudAntenna code there.

Option 2: Using My TV application.
  1. Open My TV application.
  2. Navigate up to the top bar and select menu button on the right. Select Preferences.
  3. Scroll down to About and select that option.
  4. About dialog opens, you will find your CloudAntenna code there.