In order to use your CloudAntenna to watch Live TV you need to scan channels.

Note: if you already scanned channels and want to make sure CloudAntenna Live TV channels are sync with service read below.

You need to connect your CloudAntenna to the Internet so we can sync your Live TV channels and your account. If you do not do that, you will not be able to access CloudAntenna Live TV channels from anywhere, anytime, including applications on other devices.

Follow this steps to configure TV guide and Live TV channels:

  1. Open Live TV application on your CloudAntenna.
  2. Use remote control and select Menu button on remote.
  3. Select Settings.

  4. Go to second tab called Scan.

  5. Select TV Guide service
  6. Follow the wizard and configure the channels you want to access anywhere and anytime. 

    Select TV Service

    Select Channels for TV Guide and Anywhere and Anytime access

It takes a few minutes to sync channels from your CloudAntenna and You can access those channels online at or any device with App.

Please note: you need Cloud TV service to watch Live TV from other devices other than CloudAntenna.