CloudAntenna DVB-T-T2-S-S2 comes with Live TV Launcher app which allows you to switch between TV antenna source. 

CloudAntenna DVB-T-T2-S-S2 comes with support for 2 sources:

  1. DVB T-T2 terrestrial broadcast which is common all over the world outside of North America.
  2. DVB S-S2 satellite broadcast which is available all over the world and will depends on satellites which are flying over your location.


All the settings you need to configure your CloudAntenna DVB settings

General Settings

General settings for display and output

Record and Timeshift Settings

Record and Timeshit settings lets you configure how you want CloudAntenna to behave

Channel Manager

Manage your channels, favorites and line up

Recordings / Watchlist

Browse your local recordings and timeshit settings

Satellite Settings

Configure your satellite reception