CloudAntenna stores local recordings on your attached storage in a specific folder. 

Whenever your open Local Recordings, we will scan that folder for any new recordings. If we find a recording which is not in CloudAntenna database, we will add that recording.

1. To open Local Recordings from Live TV app, click Menu button on remote and select Recordings.

2. My TV application will open to My TV if its not already open. You should see a screen below.

3. From here you can navigate to Local Recordings, Cloud Recordings, view a list of Scheduled Recordings in the Cloud, etc.

Select Local Recordings to navigate a database of locally found files.

4. You can browse Local Recordings by channel, date or see a list of all recordings. Select View By Channel to browse by channel.

5. Select View By Date to browse recordings by date it was recorded.

6. To browse all recordings, select All Recordings.