If your device fails to boot (the blue light is on, but you do not see anything on the screen) you might need to reinstall CloudAntenna firmware.

For CloudAntenna ATSC version, download CloudAntenna ATSC Image file here..

You need to unzip it first, using your file explorer on your computer or your favorite zip software (check out www.winzip.com)

1. Copy the context of all the files to micro sd card 1 Gb capacity or more.

2. Insert micro sd card into the micro sd slot of CloudAntenna. It is marked TF on the image below.

3. Turn off power to CloudAntenna by unplugging it.

4. Plug in the power and at the same time start pressing button with "number 1" on CloudAntenna remote control.

5. CloudAntenna will start in recovery mode and will find an image on your SD card. Once recovery is complete, you need to configure your CloudAntenna with network, timezone and scan for channels.