4G LTE MiFi Router by FREEAIR.TV is the Internet connectivity device that combines the power of latest wireless technology form Qualcomm, 4G LTE antenna and data service from your favorite wireless service provider or FreeAir.tv.

  • Data speeds will depend on 4G reception in your area. Once your device is active, you can move it around and run speed test to find the best location in your home or office. 
  • 4G LTE MiFi Router requires data service from your favorite wireless provider. You can experiment with your mobile phone simcard, but those do not have proper settings. You can activate your 4G LTE MiFi Router with the Internet service from FreeAir.tv at a great discount at www.freeair.tv/internet
  • For a complete guide on MiFi Router setup please read included manual or visit our online guide at help.freeair.tv

Note: The 4G LTE MiFi Router is a separate device that has a built-in 4G LTE antenna to connect to the Internet. You can connect up to 10 devices to your router. The 4G LTE MiFi Router will require data service from your wireless provider. We recommend T-mobile and we also offer a number of discounted plans at www.freeair.tv/internet.


Step 1

Please read the instruction manual included.  To get started, you will need a wireless simcard with data service. Open the back panel of the device, slide in the simcard and insert the battery.

Step 2

Power on device by pressing and holding power button until you see Welcome on the screen. Wait until you see SSID and KEY in the green bar (it may take 1-2 minutes).

Step 3

Using your computer, connect to the Wifi using the SSID and KEY displayed in the green bar. SSID is your network name and KEY is your network password. Make sure you select ‘Remember network’ to avoid having to type it in again in the future.

Step 4

Once you are connected to SSID network, open your favorite browser and type in to open the administration console. If prompted, your username is: admin and password is: admin.

Step 5

You need to setup APN (access point network) in order for 4G LTE Router to connect to the Internet. APN will depend on your wireless provider. For T-mobile the APN is: fast.t-mobile.com, for AT&T APN is: Broadband. You may have to create a new APN profile first. To do that go to Settings -> Dial-up -> Profile Management. Click ‘New Profile’, enter the name of the profile, for example tmobile or att. In APN filed type in APN for your wireless network provider. Click ‘Save’ and wait till profile is saved. Select your new profile from the drop-down under ‘Profile name’ and click Apply.

For the changes to take effect you need to reboot your 4G LTE Router. You can do so by going to System->Reboot.

Note: Once the reboot is complete, make sure you are connected to the routers Wifi on your computer.  On the home page of administration console you will see status ‘Connected’.