Your quick solution to the best performance:

1. Make sure your Antenna is powered via your TV usb port or external power adapter.

2. Make sure it is 3ft or more away from any electronic devices. As those devices like your media player, TV, tuner, etc, create Electromagnetic Waves which interfere with Antenna.

3. Your body is a natural block for the TV signal. Hang or stand Antenna and walk away at least 3 feet.

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All of the major TV networks around the world broadcast their programming for free over the air waves. Depending on where you live, the number of free channels varies.

In United States you get 20-100 channels, like (ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, THE CW, PBS)

In Europe, UK has over 80 channels free-to-air, Germany has over 200 satellite and 12 free-to-air

Today, you can get a HDTV Antenna, connect it and watch live programs for free. Stop paying for TV channels that you never watch.

In United States, all broadcasters have gone to Digital Signal. It means if you have an older TV, you will need digital TV tuner like CloudAntenna. Learn more about Digital TV signals and CloudAntenna.

Please learn more about antennas and digital television from FCC site here.

To find what channels you should receive and how best to position your map you can use Reception Maps here.

PLEASE USE ONLY AMPLIFIED POWERED DIGITAL ANTENNA OR SATELLITE ANTENNA. will provide you with the best antenna on the market at low price.

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  1. FREEAIR.TV Digital HDTV Antenna is intended for indoor use only.
  2. Please always use the AC/DC power adaptor provided.  
  3. The location of the antenna is important to maximize signal strength. Generally, the antenna should be kept far from disturbance source, like electrical appliances, A/C, washing machine, dryer, air blower or microwave oven, etc.
  4. Window mounting results in the best performance. The incoming signals will not be degraded by objects in the home, office or vehicle. Please ensure the antenna is not blocked by aluminum or metallic screens as it will degrade incoming signals.
  5. Be sure to position the antenna vertically.  
  6. For maintenance of the antenna, please use soft cloth with diluent mild detergent to clean its shell.