brings you Live TV, anywhere, anytime. 

You have 2 options: watch Live TV and watch and record Live TV.

Option 1: To watch Live TV you need Digital High Definition Antenna and receiver. We offer both. In addition you can record Live TV with CloudAntenna. If you already have HDTV receiver, learn more about Digital High Definition antenna.

Option 2: If you want to Watch and Record Live TV anywhere you need CloudAntenna. Learn more about how CloudAntenna OTA DVR and Cloud TV works.

CloudAntenna simply connects to the Internet and digital or satellite antenna. Just download the app. It will instantly recognize your CloudAntenna and prompt you to choose your TV service with a username and password. CloudAntenna just needs a power from a standard wall outlet. The app will help you identify the best location in your home for best reception.

Whether you are on your Smart TV, Blu-ray, Media player, Smartphone, PC or Mac, getting started is simple. In just a few quick steps your CloudAntenna will be connected to service and you you'll be watching TV and browsing the Internet at up to 20 Mbps.

That’s it. Watching something you like, and need to go? Just hit Record and FreeAir will record it for you even if you are not watching.

Note: If you just want TV guide, simply open ap on your favorite device, choose your TV service and you are done.